A variety of videos about Ride and Seek Bike Tours and our documentary projects.

Our promotional videos for Ride and Seek were directed and produced by Supereel Productions. The BBC made all the productions relating to the documentary On Hannibal’s Trail.

Come Ride with us

We specialise in bicycle tours which do more than just take you from A to B. Our tours are adventures into the soul of the places we ride. Providing a cultural insight into the areas we visit both historically and gastronomically is central to what we do. Come and join us on the road less travelled…

What is a Ride and Seek tour all about?

An overview from Sam and Dylan, the founders of Ride and Seek, as to what they hope to offer to anyone coming on one of their tours.

Ride and Seek Testimonials

Hear it from the riders themselves.

Custom Tours

We’re keen to run more custom tours for bike clubs and shops as it is a format that we think is mutually beneficial. We offer fantastic, stress free bike adventures to our clients and in return they provide us with a group booking that is ultimately easier to manage. In recognition of this we generally offer very attractive group rates. This is a format that we pioneered with our Hannibal Tour which we amended to the fit the requirements of the groups that rode with us. In the case of Velosophy – who feature in this video – one of the key requirements was extra riding on each day which we were happy to accommodate. Following the success of these tours we are keen to run more custom tours – both as adaptations from our existing portfolio and in terms of bespoke tours to order.

Velosophy Custom Tour Review

This is the extended version of the Velosophy Tour Review that was shown at Hoyts cinema in November 2014.

60 Seconds of Ride and Seek

We’re convinced that in one minute we can persuade you to come on tour with us. Check out this video to put yourself to the test.

2012 Hanninbal Slideshow

A slideshow of the 2012 Hannibal Expedition Bike Tour which rides from Barcelona to Rome

The BBC’s On Hannibal’s Trail

“Fun, inspiring and educational, like a history lesson from your mates down the pub” The Guardian, August 2nd, 2010.
On Hannibal’s Trail is a 6 part history documentary produced by BBC Four. It is co-presented by Sam Wood of Ride and Seek with his brothers Ben and Danny.

Mont Ventoux…a break from the scouting expedition

Taking a break from scouting the Hannibal expedition – although it almost killed us!

On Napoleon’s Trail 2016 – the next documentary

Filming is planned for 2016 Napoleon – Paris to Moscow. The Woodbrothers will return with Ride and Seek in support!