Berry – Challenge & Cruise

Berry Challenge & Kangaroo Valley Cruise

– Saturday 27th February 2016

The Berry region, the hills of Berry Mountain, Wattamolla and scenic Kangaroo Valley provide some of the best cycling in Australia. Come and explore it with us during this unique event only 2 hours from Sydney and take your pick from the Cruise or the Challenge!

The Challenge starts in Berry and takes us over the mountains to Kangaroo Valley and is a testing endeavour that includes a series of voluntary challenges. The ‘basic’ Challenge route is 85km with around 1600m of elevation. If you do all challenges though you will ride 120km with 2500m of elevation. The challenges are not to be underestimated they are often ramps of high percentage!

The Cruise is a gentle out and back spin (30km) starting in Kangaroo Valley. It winds along a beautiful road towards an award winning local wine producer where we’ll enjoy sampling their wares before heading back.

The departure times for the two rides rides are timed in such a way that we will all be able to reconvene for lunch around the same time back in Berry.

The Berry Challenge

> The ‘basic’ route is a 85km (1600m elevation) circuit. The 6 optional out and back climbing challenges bring the total to 120km (over 2500m elevation) for the brave and foolhardy!

> Along the circuit there is an optional coffee stop in Kangaroo Valley. We also set up a refreshment stall at the winery which marks the furthest point from the start. Wine, coffee and cake will provided to fuel you for the return.

> Lunch is on us back in Berry.

> $65 per person, $260 for a team of 4. (scroll down to sign on or use the payment form on the right)

> Departs from 7am (gather from 6:30am) Berry Mountain Cycles at 5/65 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535. (02) 4464 3857. It is a rolling start so you are free to set off between 7-8am which is aimed to accommodate those that wish to come on the day.


Do I need to ride the event as a team or can I ride as an individual?

You can ride the event as an individual or  team.. We encourage teams as this adds to the fun of the event and, if wished, the team can complete the full challenge by individual riders within the team doing separate challenges.  Teams will be made up of 4 participants. Do let us know at the time of booking if you would like to join a team. On the ride challenges, whilst all team members are invited to take part, you can always just send whoever draws the short straw to the top of the challenge to collect the flags!

> How many challenges are there?

There are a total of 14 challenges.

>  4 are ‘cycling’ challenges that make up the ‘basic’ circuit and are compulsory.

> There are a further 9 optional cycling challenges which are out and back climbs off the main circuit.

> There is 1 ‘non’ cycling challenge.

> NEW for 2016!  A suspension walking bridge climb and reverse climbs…..

> Why would I do the ‘optional’ challenges?

A few reasons here but one or all of the below might apply.

> You’re an out and out masochist and like to suffer!

> It is a spectacular part of the world to ride your bike and you’re keen to see as much of it as you can.

> You are prize hungry? – the more challenges you complete the more prizes you’ll be eligible for.

> You’re preparing for the 3 peaks ride and the more hills the better…………

> Perhaps you’re just intrigued to discover why someone has named a Strava section the ‘Concrete Wall of Death’!

Check out our facebook page as we are posting details of the challenges to give people a sense of what they are in for!

 What support is provided?

There will be two vehicles on the road, one supplied by Berry Mountain Cycles will be the support van with basic mechanical supplies, the second will have a paramedic on board with basic medical supplies. We will give you both the phone numbers to contact these vehicles on the day.

Team structure

Teams will be made up of 4 participants but you can ride this as an individual challenge. Do let us know at the time of booking if you need us to find you a team though. On the ride challenges, whilst all team members are invited to take part, you can always just send whoever draws the short straw to the top of the challenge and say the team got there!

Start times

The official start time is 7am, (gather at 6:30am). The Challenge can be ridden as an individial test, but in the nature of team work we encourage teams of 4 to share the challenge workload! We appreciate that some participants may travel on the day itself and we can accommodate later start times up until 8am. Note that Berry is only 2 hours from Sydney CBD and just over that from Canberra.

The Berry Challenge will start outside Berry Mountain Cycles at 5/65 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535. (02) 4464 3857. There is plenty of parking outside the shop. The ride will also finish there.


All turns and turn offs for the challenges will be marked by arrows on the road.  You can also download the TCX file (best for Garmin 1000, 810, 800 and 500s by clicking here.

The Kangaroo Valley Cruise

> 30km casual ride with one testing 400 metre hill (with gravel) at the end – this is to get to a winery so we figured you should earn your glass of wine!

> We set up at the rides furthest point with refreshments, more coffee and snacks to get you back to Berry and this is where you can, if wished, taste the local wine and produce.

> Lunch is provided on your return to Berry.

> $35 per person (scroll down to sign on or use the payment form on the right)

> Departs from Kangaroo Valley Pub at 9:30am

Regroup in Berry post ride for lunch with the Challenge riders.

There are no teams in this event. This ride is all about casual riding and enjoyment of the local region and produce.  Riders in this event are invited to take part in the ‘non’ cycling challenges as part of the event.

Sign Up here:


If you decide to make a weekend of it Berry has plenty of accommodation options to suit all budgets.

Berry Getaways is an excellent place to look for rental accomodation in the area from upmarket retreats to family friendly homes.

You can also find a comprehensive list of options available here on the Berry Tourism website.

Rider Experience and Fitness Requirements

Berry Challenge

Riders who enter this event are expected to have a reasonable level of cycling experience and fitness. Challenges should be considered seriously before being taken on!

Kangaroo Valley Cruise

Riders are expected to have cycling experience although a beginner’s level of fitness is all that is required.

The Stages at-a-glance

The Berry Challenge costs $65 per participant -$ 260 per team. The Kangaroo Valley Cruise costs $35 per participant. Lunch is included in the price of your entry.


Thanks to Berry Mountain Cycles for their support for this event. They are the South Coast’s premier bike shop and bike fit specialists.

Chat to Paul and Megan on (02) 4464 3857 for any of your biking needs.

Kangaroo Valley Cruise 9:30am departure

30km / wine and produce tasting (non-riders welcome)

Challenges include tasting award winning wine, eating local cheese and produce and enjoying a drink at the pub while waiting for the challengers to return. Taking part in challenge #8 and #13 if wished!

Berry Challenge 7am departure

Circuit = 85km / 1500m elevation

With all cycling challenges = 120km / Over 2500m elevation

The Challenges

4 on route, 8 optional and 1 non-cycling.

#1 Warming into it
0.5km @ 7% avg / max 16.6%

#2 Graveyard Sprint
0.4km @ 5% avg / max 10.5%

#3 Concrete Wall of Death
0.6km @ 14% avg / max 23.7%

#4 Woodhill Rising
4.6km @ 7% avg / max 17.8%

#5 Brogers Reverse
2.2km @ 8% avg / max 19%

#6 Strade Bianche
1.4km @ 2% avg with gravel

#7 Mackays Rise
1km @ 11% avg / max 25.7%

#8 Yarrawa Burner
0.4km @ 14% avg / max 19.6%

#9 Under the bridge downtown
1km @ 6% avg / max 13% with a suspended bridge crossing

#10 Berry Mountain

4.7km @ 8% avg / 16.4%

#11 Cambewarra
0.6 @ 12% avg / max 27.3%

#12 Bundewallah Ball Breaker
0.4 @ 18% avg / max 28.6%

Non Riding Challenges

#13 Best photo

#14 Most unusual animal photo