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The 5 Best Cycling Routes in the World

Any list of the ‘best’ cycling routes in the world comes with a certain level of audacious confidence. To say these five routes beat out all others is to say that we have cycled every route worth cycling in the world and that we have enough authority to judge which is best. Of course, we haven’t cycled everywhere, but we are better qualified than most to judge as Ride and Seek has embarked on countless epic cycling trips all across the world. We have taken the roads less travelled and the roads most travelled, covering many thousands of miles of countryside, coastline, and cityscapes. When we created our Epic Cycling Tours, we created what we believe to be the best cycling routes in the world, and we’d like to share our top five with you today. If anything we write here inspires you and you’d like to know more, get in touch and please feel free to sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page if you’d like regular informative and inspirational cycling guides.

The Hannibal Route – Cycle from Barcelona to Rome

We’ve found our Hannibal tour from Barcelona to Rome to be a very easy experience to sell to cyclists. What cyclist with adventure in their heart doesn’t want to cycle through Spain, France, and Italy, following in the footsteps of Hannibal, the Carthaginian general who famously brought the fight right to the doorstep of Rome? This 32-day epic cycle covers 2527km (1570mi) across some of the most iconic cycling routes in Europe. Put all of these routes together and you have one of Ride and Seek’s most popular epic cycles ever. Cycle Montseny National Park, the Pyrenees Mountain Range, the Alps (Ventoux, Galibier, Alpe d’Huez, Agnel and Izoard, among others), the Apennines, the postcard beauty of Tuscany and Umbria, finishing in Rome. This summary doesn’t begin to do justice to the full depth and beauty of this cycling route; find out more about our Hannibal Cycling Tour from Barcelona to Rome.

The Napoleon Route – Cycle from Paris to Saint Petersburg

Cycle for 36 days, covering 3702km (2300mi), from Paris to Saint Petersburg. We completely understand if the sheer scale of this cycling route intimidates some readers; it’s no trifling journey to take without adequate fitness and preparation. But that’s where our expert guides come in. Not only will we offer advice on what preparations you should make, we will take care of all the accommodations and travel logistics. All you need to do is get fit and bring as much enthusiasm as you can. And when you see the stunning landscapes, forests, and cityscapes, you won’t struggle to feel enthused! This epic route weaves through France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia. Read more about our Napoleon Cycling Tour from Paris to Saint Petersburg.

The Appalachian Bike Trail – Cycle from Maine to North Carolina

When people contemplate the great bike routes, they usually picture central Europe and the Mediterranean. And Europe has clout for a reason. But North America has some of the most epic cycling routes in the world and this Appalachian route is our favourite the continent has to offer.  This trail takes place throughout the Great Appalachian Valley, beginning in Maine and ending in North Carolina, and what a journey it is! Cycle from the rural charm and verdant farmland of New England, through some of the most important places in the US Civil War, and then you’ll enjoy epic vistas on some of the predictably hillier sections of the Appalachians. You will start in Maine, moving through New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and then North Carolina. This is a 28-day odyssey through one of North America’s biggest mountain ranges, covering 2272km (1412mi), and we can promise that you’ll never see the same sight twice! Find out more about our Appalachian Bike Tour from Maine to North Carolina.

The Silk Road – From Venice to Athens

Marco Polo is one of history’s most famous explorers and we believe that this leg of his legendary silk road journey evokes part of the epic distance he travelled. Whereas many bike tours focus on France and Central Europe, this journey snakes southeast, along the breathtaking Dalmatian Coast, then past Montenegro and Albania before reaching Greece. Of course, these ancient roads have been modernised, but there is still a sense of their history as you cycle dozens of miles each day. The journey through Greece visits the island of Cofu, Ioannina, Meteroa, Makrakomi, and Delphi. This tour lasts just 12 days, making it shorter than the other adventures on this list, but it is still a truly epic journey, both in terms of distance as well as through history. Read more about our Marco Polo Venice to Athens Bike Tour.

Cro Magnon – 19-day Cycling Tour of France

While one of the tours above travels through part of France, it simply wouldn’t be right to make a list of the best cycling routes in the world without a trip that focused solely on the idyllic French countryside. Since the first Tour de France in 1903, the country has been better associated with cycling than any other nation. France is an ancient country, with a rich history to explore. However, we decided to go back even further than you might imagine, to the cro magnon cave art scattered throughout southern France. Connect with humanity’s distant past on this epic 19-day cycling tour from Chauvet to Perpignan, very much taking the long way, veering off the obvious paths. You will cycle 1244km (722mi) of idyllic French countryside, but you will also taste the incredible local cuisine and sample some of the best wines in the world. This is a true voyage of discovery, in every meaning of the word. Find out more about our Cro Magnon Cycling Tour of France.

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