Cyclist Magazine – Vietnam Untouched

Cyclist Magazine - Vietnam Untouched

Click on the link above to read about the time Cyclist Magazine joined us on our Untouched Vietnam tour in the remote region of Ha Giang.

This one really fits the bill in terms of getting you off the beaten track as we head up to the remote region of Ha Giang in the north-eastern corner of Vietnam. Sharing a border with China this region gives you a glimpse of Vietnam from a bygone age. Until relatively recently the Vietnamese government restricted travel in the area and so it has escaped the impacts associated with mass tourism.

In an ever-shrinking world, Ha Giang, with its uniquely preserved tribal culture (nearly 90 percent of the population is ethnic minorities), is one of those rare places that hasn’t been corralled by modernity or pre-packaged for visitors. At least, not yet. During the past two decades, as Vietnam’s lowlands and urban centres have teetered on tracks of globalization and economic development, much of this distant 5,000-square-mile province has remained detached and frozen in the past.

Conceptualised in collaboration with our local partner we were the first to run a road bike tour in the area and it is not one for the faint-hearted. Terraced rice paddies and primary forests provide an attractive canvas as we wind our way up through vertiginous passes on the road less travelled. The elevation profile is immense and so this tour leans towards the ‘epic’ scale of our tour portfolio. As a challenge and a truly adventurous experience, it takes some beating though.

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