Danny Shane on tour in Europe

Our partnership with DannyShane is a great one. We love the gear for its comfort, performance and unique designs. One further key thing for us when we went looking for a kit supplier was that we wanted eco-friendly materials. Having top end comfortable gear is essential for us. We want our guests and guides to be comfotable and pround to wear the gear. It is key for us that people love the kit they are given otherwise they just won’t wear it! On all our tours with DannyShane kits we are amazed how the gear comes out day in day out – people do a lot of washing each night so they can stay in their custom Danny Shane kits!

We began testing the gear in 2013 taking a batch on our tours in Europe and in Asia. We wore the gear hard…and it performed well! Guests were tempted by the designs and bought kits and comments were only positive – the most comfortable knicks ever worn was heard on many occasions from seasoned cyclists. Comfortable knicks and shorts are so essential for us on our epic tours, riding 4400km at 130km a day for 6 weeks – you need to be sure!!

 In 2015 we embraced the trademark DS plaid and designed a version in conjunction with DannyShane for each of tours. The Hannibal and Napoleon were plaids straight from the DS repertoire. The golden Bicycle Adventures and purple Caesar plaid (yet to be seen in public!) were in-house Ride and Seek designs so let us know what you think of them!

Technically, DannyShane jerseys are made from a proprietary fabric blend with 50% to 55% Bamboo White Ash (BWA). BWA is among the latest innovations in natural performance fibers. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, BWA is also an eco-friendly solution. The material offers natural breathability, rapid moisture wicking, odor resistance (essential on a 6 week epic!), anti-static qualities, durability, and a comfortable softness.

Cycling bibs require a degree of micro-compression that is not available in a bamboo blend fabric, so DannyShane went in search of the most environmentally-friendly material we could find that did not compromise bib performance. The result is an original design of DannyShane cycling bibs made from Italian fabric that is Bluesign® certified and a blend of Lycra (20%) and 100% recycled nylon (80%).

On all our Epic tours you will receive a jersey and knicks or shorts depending on your preference and we are sure you’ll love wearing the kits.