Booking Confirmation

Thank you for filling out the booking form.

To reserve your place we require a deposit to be paid into one of the below accounts. See details of the deposit figure and how to pay it depending on your chosen account.

Our preference is for the deposit to be paid by bank transfer. However, we can accept credit card payments, but credit card surcharges will be passed on.

Please consult our Terms and Conditions for details regarding cancellation policies before paying the deposit.

Once we receive the deposit we will issue you with a deposit receipt.

Australian Account

If you are based in Australia please make the transfer to the account below using your name as a reference.  The deposit is AU$1500 to reserve your spot

Account name: Ride and Seek
Bank: NAB
Branch Number: 082-637
Account Number: 244765632

UK Account

If you are based in UK please make the transfer to the account below using your name as a reference. The deposit is £800 to reserve your spot

Account Name: Dylan Edward Reynolds
Bank: Barclays Bank
Account Number: 13442047
Sort Code: 20-17-19

Euro Account

For those outside of the UK and Australia you can pay the €1000 deposit into our € account. We recommend Transferwise as a hassle free way of transferring funds.

Account name: Ride and Seek
Account address: 7 Ashley Street, Tamarara, 2026 NSW, Australia
Bank name: Banca Sella SPA
Bank address: 35 – Corso Costantino Nigra  1  10015  Ivrea
IBAN: IT36S03268305490H6984181390

The balance of the tour is calculated based on the date in which we receive your deposit. If you pay in any other currency than € we convert the tour price using XE currency converter when issuing your final invoice.