Epic Adventures – Grand Cycling Expeditions

Our Epic Adventures are once in a lifetime multi region journeys. Inspired by famous historical figures, they are by design more adventurous and challenging undertakings.

Every 18 months Ride and Seek develop a new point to point cycling adventure. In 2012 after the success of the BBC series “On Hannibal’s Trail”, which our guide Sam co-presented, we followed the trail of Hannibal from Barcelona to Rome! In 2015 we rode from Paris to Moscow in Napoleon’s footsteps, in 2016 it was Caesar – London to Rome – where will 2017 take us?

So ride with us into history on the road less travelled on truly epic bike tours.

All of our Epic adventures run with 2 week stages to allow riders to fit these expeditions into their busy lives. Why not ride a stage this year and return next year to do the rest!

Hotels: Mostly 1 night stays at best available hotels, focused on unique stays – castles, monasteries, guest houses.

Kms per day: Average of 110km (sag wagon always available)

Cultural Activities: Shorter guided tours, wine tastings, local food experiences, historical background and discussions with trained guides (who double as bike guides). Most activites take place in the afternoon after the days riding although the guides will discuss the history (eg Hanniballic route history as we ride and beforehand each morning or over an aperatif) and the food and wine each night.

Listed below are all of our epic bike tours:

Napoleon – Paris to Moscow

Join us on this ride of historical proportions as we ride in the footsteps of Napoleon from Paris to Moscow. Divided into 3 stages the Napoleon tour is an exploratory epic ranging the length of Europe into the heart of Russia following in the footsteps of Napoleon’s near 700,000 strong Grande Armée.


Epic: 43 days / 42 Nights made up of 3 stages of 15 days / 14 nights each

Hannibal – Barcelona to Rome

Cycling on some of Europe's most iconic and picturesque bike touring routes through Spain, France and Italy; the Hannibal expedition has it all.


Epic: 29 day / 28 nights made up 2 stages 16 and 14 days long each.

Caesar – London to Rome

Split into 2 stages the Caesar tour traverses five countries on a historical, gastronomic and cultural journey from London to Rome. Crossing waterways, rolling over vine clad hills and taking on mountain passes in the Alps and the Dolomites we head towards the Rubicon and beyond. Our final destination is the Eternal city of Rome.


Epic: 33 days / 32 Nights made up of 2 stages of 17 days each

3 Islands – Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily

Split into 3 stages, each a week long on the islands of Corsica, Sardina and Sicily, The Phoenicians Tour is a journey through the history, food, architecture and traditions of these Mediterranean jewels. We ride from North to South from Corsica, home of Napoleon, to Sardinia and Sicily. The Mediterranean charm is truly at the heart of this tour.


Epic: 22 days / 21 Nights made up of 3 stages of one week each