Tour Calendar 2019 – 2020

TourTour TypeStart DateEnd DateGrading
Friuli, Italy and Slovenia – The Road less TravelledLocal20/05/201927/05/2019
Provence – Les Plus Beaux VillagesLocal28/05/201904/06/2019
Friuli, Italy and Slovenia – The Road less TravelledLocal08/06/201916/06/2019
Napoleon – Paris to Saint PetersburgEpic06/07/201910/08/2019
Iron Curtain – Berlin to BudapestEpic18/08/201904/09/2019
Hannibal – Across the AlpsEpic08/09/201906/10/2019
Provence – Cycling and YogaUnique06/10/201911/10/2019
Samurai – Honshu & Shikoku Island, JapanEpic05/10/201926/10/2019
Puglia – The Best of Southern ItalyLocal10/10/201917/10/2019
Māori New Zealand – Auckland to QueenstownEpic08/02/202002/03/2020
3 Islands – Corsica, Sardinia and SicilyEpic02/05/202023/05/2020
Caesar – London to RomeEpic06/06/202008/07/2020
Iron Curtain – Berlin to BudapestEpic09/08/202026/08/2020
Hannibal – Across the AlpsEpic30/08/202014/09/2020
Marco Polo – Venice to AthensEpic17/09/202014/10/2020