A Taste of Southern France

Vincent Reboul is the trip specialist for our Cro Magnon tour, which takes us from Lyon to Bordeaux. Apart from being incredibly passionate about prehistory, he is also a man who loves the tour’s gastronomy.

Vincent says “The gastronomy of the many regions crossed during this Cro Magnon tour is exceptional. Faced with the richness of the dishes offered and the absence of cardiovascular diseases, the Anglo-Saxons wonder and speak of “French Paradox”. How in this country of gourmets, they say, where you can find so many foie gras, confits, duck breasts, rillettes and cheese specialties can the inhabitants reach such a great age, while spending so much time at the table? It is a mystery that lives from the depths of the ages. Only Cromagnon knows.

Between the famous quenelles of Lyon and the cannelets of Bordeaux, the sweet wine of Monbazillac and the walnut cakes of Dordogne, the choice is vast and shows in all its splendor the culinary diversity of the south West of France.

There is one dish, however, that fascinates more than another. This is the Aligot ! Imagine a large copper pot, where a mashed potato expertly mixed with pepper, butter, fresh cream and fresh Tomme as well as garlic is simmering. You get a dough so tightly bound that a knife cannot cut it. Only a chisel allows the separation of the immense thread. You can eat the aligot accompanied by a very good smoked sausage and a Cahors wine. The best time to taste the aligot during this Cro Magnon Epic is halfway through in the city of Rodez. With the aligot, you have enough energy to cross all the passes.” 


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