Our Updated On-Tour Protocol for COVID-19 (2023)

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With the WHO ending the global emergency status for Covid-19 on 5th May 2023, countries are now being asked to manage the virus in the same way as other infectious diseases. We have consulted the guidelines in the countries we visit, and updated our Covid-19 protocol in order to keep all our guests safe and minimise the risk of illness on tour.

Through our previous experience, consultation with our medical liaison officer, and governing body recommendations, we have a framework for how we will operate on tour in 2023 and beyond. We don’t want to take out the fun from being on tour, so we are aiming to set some basic expectations so we can get on with riding our bikes in beautiful places.


>  We ask that you arrive on tour in good health.

> We recommend that you have been vaccinated. This also applies to our trip specialists and guides.

On Tour

If you test positive for Covid-19 during the tour you can choose to fully self-isolate, and continue your trip separately from the rest of the group – the Ride and Seek team will work with you to make the arrangements for this.

You can also choose to remain with the group, but practice distancing. If so we ask that the following recommendations are adhered to for a period of 5 days or until you test negative:

> Practice self-distancing while riding, as well as during coffee and picnic stops (one of the guides can serve your refreshments, do not touch shared surfaces, utensils, bottles etc)

> Sit separately at breakfast, do not help yourself to shared buffets – the guides can serve your breakfast.

> Sit separately from the group during restaurant lunches and evening meals.

> Wear a mask indoors.

> If you are in a shared room with your spouse / partner and you choose to continue to share then we ask that both parties follow the recommendations above.

> If you are in a shared room with someone not in your party we will arrange a separate room for you, which will be at your own cost.

> These recommendations will also apply to our guide team, who will follow the same protocol.

> We strongly advise ensuring you are familiar with your insurance policy, and the cover you receive if you test positive for Covid. 


Please note that we will aim to update our protocol as and when local guidelines change. Whilst we are providing a framework to reduce risk during travel, it does not replace personal responsibility for adherence to recommendations, including regular hand washing and maintaining social distancing. This protocol is meant to complement the in-country rules and regulations on tourism and as such additional measures may be adapted depending on the region we are travelling in.



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