Riding with us on Zwift in a virtual world!

If you have found your way to this page you have made a vital step in joining us for some rides on Zwift. Chris Small is leading the way on this and after 4 weeks in isolation at home in Florence is well versed in how it all works. So much so he’s been top of our Strava Club classification for the last four weeks and he’s not allowed to ride outside! The rest of our Zwift team pictured – Megan, Richie, and Dylan – are new to the platform and have spent the last couple of weeks getting familiarised so they can also lead the rides. The ride times will be posted via our Ride & Seek Strava Club and Epicurean newsletter so we invite you to sign up to both if you haven’t already. Most importantly though you’ll need to follow us – Rideandseekers Ride&Seek – on the Zwift companion app so we can invite you to our Meetups. In times like these, there is no better remedy to our problems than a nice pedal and a chat with some social distancing thrown into the mix! We look forward to riding with you in the virtual world!

Riding zwift with the team

What do I need to join the rides?

  • A Bike!
  • Zwift account – free 7-day trial for new users and then a monthly subscription.
  • Zwift companion app – use this to follow Rideandseekers Ride&Seek so we can invite you to the rides.
  • A smart trainer, direct drive or wheel-on trainer.
  • Computer, Apple tv, iPad or smartphone to enter the Zwift virtual world – position that in front of the bike.
  • Discord app – download this and we can invite you to chat with the group during the rides.
  • Smartphone to send messages to the group via Zwift companion.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Cadence monitor.
  • A fan to keep you cool.
  • ANT connectivity – considered more stable than Bluetooth.
General advice
  • Once you have received your invite to ride with us (best to check for this on the Zwift companion app) accept the invite and sign in to Zwift 20 minutes before the ride time.
  • When you sign in and set up your sensors you will have a choice of worlds to enter. They can be found at the top of the Zwift page. Click on the one we are using for our ride and start to warm up. 3 minutes before the start time you will get prompted on the screen to go to the start of the ride. Click yes and join the fun.
  • Our friends at GCN have also put together their usual concise overview of how it all works that is GCN Zwift rides.
Ride options – we will have two options each week
  • The options will link to our espresso grading system with Option 1 aimed at all 2-4 espresso cup riders. Option 2, on the other hand, is better suited to 3 & 4 espresso cup riders.
  • Option 1: A  no-drop group ride which will keep us all together regardless of the speed you pedal at. If someone rides at 400 watts and the slowest rider is at 100 watts you simply stay together until someone stops peddling and the elastic band effect snaps.
  • Option 2: A normal group ride where we encourage people to ride together whilst lifting the pace around halfway and doing a mini race for the last 4/5 km (2.5/3 miles).


These 13 tips for beginner zwifters are worth a read as well. see you all on the virtual road soon!

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